Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females' Favorite Animal Videos

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Screaming Females

I, Marissa Paternoster, am a huge fan of viral and/or non-viral YouTube based videos that revolve around the theme ANIMALS. Please enjoy the following videos, which is just a taste of my absolute favorites. As much as I would like to extrapolate on the proceeding videos, I think that it would be best to let them simply speak for themselves.

Hoping Cody will be available to drop in some back up vocal bits on the next studio record.

Hoping that this Boston terrier will also be available to drop in some back up vocals on the next studio record.

I understand that Denver did something wrong but I'm not sure he should feel this badly about it.

This band is fucking heavy as hell. R.I.P. bird.

This band is fucking heavy too. I think the dog is still alive.

Oh my god he's so tired.

This goat is such an asshole.

Hippos are so dangerous, I read that they kill more people every year than any other animal on the planet. Not Jessica though, she's a gem.

Poop is always funny.

We watched this in a bar in Rochester while we were on tour. It has brought us great joy ever since.

Colonel Meow is Jarrett's favorite viral cat. R.I.P. Colonel Meow.

I really want a Bassett Hound and I want to name it Puddle.

This is Jarrett's cat, Nacho.

I was lucky enough to meet Lil' Bub and Steve Albini. I live a charmed life.


Screaming Females' Live at the Hideout is out April 8 on Don Giovanni.