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MJ MJ is a cassette label based in Los Angeles, California, started by Andy and Charlie in Eau Claire, WI during a long stretch of unemployment, in a big gray house called Red Mountain. It was a magical place full of our friends. Everyone in the house was constantly working on our own things. Some writers, some musicians, some artists, and some weed smokers. With all these creative juices flowing around us we were inspired to start something special. One day we were playing NBA Street Vol. 2, and we quickly discovered that if you had TWO MICHAEL JORDANS on your team you were unstoppable. We wanted to be unstoppable. MJ MJ was born. After six months of near constant touring and friend-making, we decided to pack up and move to LA, so that we could be with our FMLY year round.

We are moving to LA with a sense of purpose. Our goal is to create a memorable label with a reputation for excellent releases, helping people and having fun. We want to collaborate with old friends and new friends to put out music we love. We’ve started small, but we have big dreams and big hearts.

We just dropped our fourth release, check em!

BlackHawks/Radiator Girls, Black Girls split cassette

This is a split cassette featuring Philadelphia’s beloved BlackHawks, and Minneapolis’ hottest new rock n’ roll band Radiator Girls. Yohsuke, Danny, and the dudes have recorded four songs that fit our brains like a glove. BlackHawks have been tearing up Philly for years; this is their first physical release. The B side is the home of Radiator Girls, a brand spanking new rock band from Minneapolis. These four tracks were recorded entirely by Nick Henderson with the internal mic on his laptop. They capture the frustration and rowdiness of a young man in love. Limited to 150 professionally dubbed chrome cassettes, these babies are going to fly off the shelves so get one while they last!

Wild Ghosts, No Coast
The Wild Ghosts are four garage babies from Minneapolis, MN. Their rowdy party tendencies are hidden behind waves of soothing reverb and pretty textures. No Coast is their debut album. According to Ian from Cactus Mouth, “These dudes really know how to have a good time. The whole thing has an almost tangible live quality to it. It’s like strolling through an empty street. You hear some faint music and so you follow it. It leads into an abandoned building, so you go down into the basement. And there these dudes are just jamming out there by themselves having fun. The heat and the sweat of a live show is just dripping off these tracks. If this stuff doesn’t get you in the mood for summer then nothing will.” So grab your swimming trunks and head on over to MJ MJ to pick up No Coast before they run out!


Tim Krause is MAYMOK, a beautiful angel from Minneapolis. PRAXELL is a concept album, written and recorded during a week of intense emotion and soul searching. If you listen closely you can piece together his story of loneliness and longing, told through eyes of a young man adrift in space. Jheri at Get off the Coast had this to say, “MAYMOK’s slow-building loop-based beats create the perfect textures to create your dreamscapes. Everything is placed with purpose, allowing time to embellish and then warp the details. Imagine dreams stacked on dreams; all of them ethereal, all of them bright.”

Vacation Dad, s/t

This is the debut album from Vacation Dad. It was recorded in his basement, in his bathrobe, shortly after he was laid off. This is where Vacation Dad was born. Limited to fifty cassettes, with a photo taken by Vacation Dad in each copy, these one of a kind basement recordings won’t be around forever, so grab a tape while you can!

M O R O, Embers

M O R O are two friends from Eau Claire, WI. These two create joyous woodland anthems that will have you prancing around your room in no time. Think forest spirits. Think land of enchantment. M O R O are currently hibernating while Dan is overseas. But keep your ear to the ground; this band has a bright future. Download Embers for free over at MJ MJ.