Peppina Talks Spark, Villains, and Oranges

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Helsinki native Peppina was trained as a classical flautist, roaming into learning ukulele guitar, piano, and more about music as she grew. Although she dabbled in writing and singing, it wasn’t until she struck gold performing for a collaborative project on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hitRECord website that she was noticed. Gordon-Levitt took a liking to her writing and performing tactics via the site, and called and invited her to LA to perform on his hitRECord special. It was then that her career started and simultaneously took off.
After the success surrounding her first EP Follow Your Gravity in 2015, she’s off to the races with her brand new EP Spark. She recently made an appearance at the highly touted iHeartRadio Live Sessions to perform a couple of her songs acoustically. Check the videos below, then read on for a brief interview with this phenomenal musician (who happens to have the voice of an angel).

Describe your music.
Energetic, indie pop that combines electronic and organic elements, and where the lyrics and the message are a carrying force.
Why did you want to pursue this career path?
I’ve always known I wanted to do something with music, and somewhere along the line the right opportunities came for pursuing the path of a performing artist, so I gave it a shot and fell in love!
If you could perform with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
David Bowie. That would be just mind-blowing!
What does music mean to you?
Music is a way to express emotions you don’t have words for.
What is your favorite part of performing?
Seeing a smile, or a nod from the audience, that feeling when someone in there is connecting with me and my music.
Do you have any unique pre-show rituals?
I walk around a lot, shake my hands to loosen up, and right before the show while getting on stage I like to go to each of my bandmates one by one and ask them: “Are you excited!?” and give them a hug.
What’s your favorite memory from making music?
I have so many, but one comes to mind: I was sixteen years old, just started to share my music online and felt overwhelmingly inspired by all of it, and stayed up ’till the early hours on a school night, writing a song about those feelings. It was such a pure moment of being young and inspired.
Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?
I draw inspiration from things that I’m feeling or have felt, things that I’d like to change about the world and things I’d like to be able to tell my younger self.
Tell me about your new EP.
My EP Spark just came out, and it’s a power-package of empowerment, strong emotion and hopeful messages.
What has been your proudest moment thus far?
Probably the day, when after 3 years of hard work, I finally held my O-1 Artist Working Visa, and realized I’m going to be moving from Helsinki to New York City, to work as a full time artist on my label, Honey Rose Records. It was such a concrete new chapter, and a real dream come true for me!
If you were a fruit, what kind would you be and why?
I’d like to be an orange. Their peel is relatively soft, but still pretty thick so it takes a while to fully open them, but when you do, it’s bright and refreshing and you’re glad you took the time!
What is your favorite word, and why?
Actually a French word, “Jardin”. It means “garden”, and I just really love how it sounds combined with what it means!
Would you be a superhero or a super villain, and why?
I think I’d rather be a super villain, because then I could have special powers but no constant pressure to use them to save everyone. Everyone would be just rooting for me to take a holiday!
Is there anything else you think people should know about you?
I believe that with passion, hard work, a sharp head and an honest heart, you can achieve almost anything.
What is up next for you?
We’ll continue promoting “Spark”, with pop-up shows in the NY area, and we’re in the process of creating a music video for the second single, “Fire”, so stay tuned!
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