Portraits With The Luminous Bishop Briggs

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On Friday, October 14th, I met one of my photographer partners in crime – Sarah Valencia – at The Midland in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It was about 4:13pm, and we were set to meet up with none other than the spectacular Bishop Briggs and her tour manager – and incredible sister – Kate on the side of the building for some portraits. I had received a text from Kate moments prior, expressing to me how excited she was to meet up and simultaneously cementing my belief that they would be two of the nicest humans to meet up with.

Before I get any further with this, there is something to note. As an editor at Impose and having worked in the industry to some capacity for years, it takes a lot for me to be as impressed as I am by a young talent like Bishop Briggs. She’s one of those performers that expresses deep emotion in her vocals, and it only takes one line from a song to truly fall for her abilities as an artist. She is one of my two favorite discoveries – although I don’t in any way claim to have discovered them – of 2016, and I was more nervous for this photo shoot than many prior.

When she and Kate stepped off their tour bus, they were beaming. They both came in for hugs with two complete strangers, and I immediately felt like I had known them for some time. The photo shoot was relaxed, set in the gorgeous halls of Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland. I fan girled a bit, to be honest, but we talked about how excited they were to be in Kansas City – BIG praise for Cafe Gratitude -, how fun it was to be playing Halloweenie Roast with Phantogram, and how beautiful the theatre itself is. The crew for the evening was decorating the building with spider webs, making it all the more enchanting to be there. The lighting was stunning in a couple of my favorite locations – one, a men’s bathroom on the second floor, but that’s neither here nor there – and Bishop’s flawless features required next to no edits.

She even asked me if I wanted to take a couple of photos. No shame, they’re included.

photo by Sarah Valencia
photo by Sarah Valencia

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