Teflon Sega Shares "Deleted Conversations", Worships Hendrix and Cheetah

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Electronic R&B artist Teflon Sega finds his stride in his latest track, “Deleted Conversations”, and the world is taking notice. The lyrics are upfront – dealing with lies and interesting interactions via DM – but the vibe is absolutely otherworldly. Taking his vocals to ridiculously high registers right off the bat, we’re enveloped in the swirling, beautiful sounds of it all.
Check out the (highly relatable) track below, and then stick around for a few words from the man of the hour himself, Teflon Sega!

What was the first song or album you remember listening to, and who introduced it to you?
I owe all my good taste to my mother. She gave me a life time of inspiration between spinning Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye on vinyl when I was young.
Does that song or album have any bearing on your sound now?
Yes. Jimi made me want to play guitar and Marvin made me want to sing.
Was there a defining moment when you realized you wanted to pursue music in your life?
In the womb. It’s actually harder for me to think of a memory when music wasn’t reason.
“Deleted Conversations” builds into this gorgeous, robust track from its initial twinkling feeling. It’s so gorgeous. Did you initially envision the song like that, or did it take a while in production to really blossom like that?
Thank you. It’s hard to say. The songs we end up keeping are usually the ones that come from a place of non-thinking.. the absence of thought. As soon as application becomes a priority the magic goes.
Is there a specific incident that happened that may have inspired you to write a song like this?
Chasing someone that didn’t want to be captured.
You co-produced the track with WAJU, who has worked with you before. How did that collaboration come to be?
We did a few songs together randomly and realized that we were both making the music we always wanted to be making. An exciting feeling.
Who is your favorite super villain? Substantiate that claim.
Cheetah.. style, strength and sex appeal.
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