Tredici Bacci, Fruit&Flowers, The Undercover Dream Lovers, and Hunter Sharpe Share SXSW Favs Ahead of Fest

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Did you ever want to know what your favorite artists thought about the events and venues they perform at? Well, look no further. This week, Impose is hosting a showcase with the incredible Invertebrate, and four acts on the lineup have decided to regale us with lists of their SXSW and Austin favs. Check it out below!
Tredici Bacci

photo by Monika Rivard

Top 5 artists you’re most excited to play with at SXSW 2017?
1. Unguent
“UGH! FINALLY! Tredici Bacci has been wanting to play with Unguent for years! They’re the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to pseudo-germanic neo-goth dark wave synth anarchopunk.”
2. Max Bermuda & The Big Five
“Found out about these guys when one of their videos was recommended on youtube; easily the most exciting sextet that mixes old timey jazz, 90s hard rock and traditional riverdance to come out of North Dakota in the last few decades! Our favorite work of their is “Ocean or Canoe” from 2014.”
3. FFFr0g3r
“There is a Game Boy Advance AND a chapman stick in this band!”
4. The Truths
“We’ve been hooked on this amazing duo ever since their first record “You Can’t Handle The Truths” premiered on bandcamp last year – their subsequent releases “The Truths Hurt” and the limited release downloadable EP “The Truths Shall Set You (Free)” really blew us away. Can’t wait to hear more!”
5. Disco’s Back
“I mean, come on people – the name says it all! Except… these guys don’t really play disco. Its more like… I dunno – remember that band from a couple years ago… kinda proggy, but like, with saxophones? Maybe the word “twisted” was in their name? The singer had a long red beard, i remember… eh, whatever.”
Fruit & Flowers
Top 5 (or 6) artists you’re most excited to see at SXSW 2017?
CHAIN OF FLOWERS: Caroline saw Chain of Flowers at St. Vitus in NY and raved about the show. I couldn’t go for some reason, and I’m still kicking myself. It’s tempting to go see friends we love from Brooklyn at SXSW but it’s really exciting to get to see killer bands from other states, and especially outside the US. I love Chain of Flowers’ recordings, dark and driving and melodic and all with this feeling of frenzy and potential energy. Can’t wait to see how that plays out in their live show.
TWIST: We were lucky enough to share a bill with Toronto band Twist at Mercury Lounge in NY. I’ve had their LP, Spectral, on heavy rotation recently. Dreamy, punchy, grungy, sweet & catchy; sort of like if Jesus and Mary Chain woke up bright-eyed from a really good nap. And moved to the west coast. And Hope Sandoval sang everything. Looking forward to Twist’s sweet vibes in Austin.
CASPER SKULLS: Played with them at Shea Stadium a few months ago. They really got me hyped and dancing around. I think we got hooked up with this show because I think they’re friends with Twist? Anyway, their tone is amazing and the really play together beautifully. I could truly be entranced by each member and feel their passion for the music. Reminiscent of sonic youth with the male/ female talkative and breathy vocal melodies, noisey sections and moments of clarity and freshness. However, they have a sound and dynamic all their own and I definitely can’t wait to experience it again.
PILL: I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Pill but I hear of them frequently in the New York scene. I’ve been watching their music videos and listening to their tunes and I really dig it. Can’t wait to see how they interpret live. They’re like, dark art pop rock or something. Love it.
SALT CATHEDRAL: Originally from Bogota, Colombia, and based in Brooklyn for several years now, this band is the perfect mix of Juliana Rondero’s beautiful voice with the amazingly well crafted but yet minimal Nicolas’s guitar arrangements, everything wrapped by powerful beats and atmospheric samples. Although their first two EP’s were more Trip Hop influenced, the band has started to incorporate dance hall and Caribbean sounds. They’re about to release their first album which features tracks with Lee Scratch Perry, Matisyahu and Assassin (one of Kendrick Lammar’s collaborations on “To Pimp a Butterfly”), so yeah…It’s gonna be a good show.
ELA MINUS: Also from Bogota and currently based in Brooklyn, this is Gabriela Jimeno’s (ex Balancer) solo project. Originally formed as a drummer (you can tell it just by listening to the beats) the act involves just she and her synthetizers (Remezcla recently described it as a “Small orchestra of synths”). Seems simple but of course, it is not. In a time when it’s really common to see solo acts complemented by sample machines or synths – which, let’s say it, sometimes can be disappointing and soulless – Gabriela manages to deliver a really authentic and soulful performance. Also, she has really cool songs.
The Undercover Dream Lovers
Top 5 (or 4) artists who’d make up your dream SXSW bill?
1. erykah badu
“I heard she once roller-skated for an entire show, which I think qualifies here as the perfect headliner”
2. UMO
“Their live show is fantastic and they’re one of my favorite bands.”
3. ariel pink
“He’s been on my list to see live for a while.”
4. led zeppelin
“(when they were younger) as a secret guest. Because who wouldn’t want that.”
Hunter Sharpe
Top 5 local Austin acts playing SXSW 2017?
1. The Digital Wild
“The Digital Wild is an awesome band that I’ve shared stages with several times, they are cool, they are hip, and they a great representation of Austin art.” – Hunter Sharpe
2. The Ghost Wolves
“I was fortunate enough to meet the ghost wolves during a studio session for their first album. I will never forget the giant domesticated wolf that they brought into the studio with them. Since then, I’ve looked forward to every time our paths intertwine.” – Hunter Sharpe
3. Spoon
“I really like their sound and production, very innovative. Plus they are really nice guys.” – Marlon Sexton
4. Yung Wallstreet
“His music is very vibey and he usually plays very unique music, which is intriguing.” – Hunter Pierce
5. The Sword
“What I really like about the sword is their catchy rhythms and their creative use of their effects.” – Colton Kincaid
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