Will Adams' Watch List

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Lower Dens, with Will Adams at far right.

Baltimore's Lower Dens released their incredible sophmore record Nootropics on Tuesday, May 1, and you can catch them on a wild and crazy worldwide tour right now in support.

Cinderella, “Pat's Chili Dogs”
With so many things so truly near and dear to me crammed in to thirty seconds, I wonder sometimes if I didn't will this video into existence.

Nautical Almanac, Selected Videos
No explanation needed.

Ascension Symptoms

They Might Be Giants, “Birdhouse In Your Soul” [Tonight Show]
Maybe the pinnacle of rock and roll television performances. If I could trade bodies and minds with anyone for a few seconds, I'd like to be Doc Severinsen around the one minute and 48 second mark.

Pass The Ammo [trailer]

Kazuo Ono, “The Dead Sea”
Real beauty.

WASP, “L.O.V.E. Machine”
Fuck like a beast.

Nick Lowe, “Little Hitler”
Masterfully understated. And who makes videos that look this good these days? Jana: I think we should cover this song.

Serge Gainsbourg, “Initials BB”
Adult songs.

“Pop Quiz”
“Unbeatable panel”.

Peter Criss, “Out Of Control”
Seems pretty in control to me. Everything is bundled and bagged up nicely.

Happy Mondays, “Performance”

Richard Kern, “Machinegun Girl”

Harold Pinter, Nobel Lecture