André Salvador and the Von Kings "Tune It In"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Brooklyn based magician Tim Cheplick is the Singer/Songwriter behind André Salvador and the Von Kings. The first full-length album “Rock and Roll Springtime” was released last year in March. Following up on this year’s next release “This is Play” will be available to stream on December 12th, 2017.

Tim tells us what he was going through while writing the track,
“I was listening to a lot of the first couple Tame Impala albums and Magical Mystery Tour, as well as Elliott Smith whose influence shows up on other songs on the coming album too. As for what I was going through, it was nothing very particular but just sort of the struggle with the drudgery of living in NY and the grit you need while trying to stay focused and pushing yourself forward; not getting yourself down and not being too hard on yourself. Something like that. Some of that is certainly reflected in the lyrics. But prefer to stay vague and leave the listener with something they can relate to.”
The psychedelic rock opera “Tune It In” is the mental junket that a lot of us will go through in our lifetime. A song about the battles you can have with yourself, constantly having to pick yourself up off the floor to move in the right direction.