ANIN Rose – No Apologies

Fans of Grace Carter might want to listen up..

Hamburg born, London based singer Anin Rose crafts empowering pop songs with a gospel twist. Having worked extensively conducting the London International Gospel Choir, her compositions are heavily shaped by the choral sound.

Her new single ‘No Apologies’ is a gospel influenced, piano pop anthem. Released on International Women’s day, it’s an empowering anthem about finding strength in vulnerability and not being apologetic about it. The emotional magnitude of ‘No Apologies’ is supported by a chorus of female background singers, a key theme throughout her work.

Not just the pretty front of an album cover, women are being credited more and more as songwriters, producers or managers in mainstream music. We win double the amount of Grammys and remove our high heels on the red carpet. It has never been so exciting to be a woman and be surrounded by women changing the industry and striving for equality for everyone.“

“No Apologies” captures this spirit in an emphatic way. Piano-led and crystalline in it’s nature, the track ebbs and flows between heartfelt crescendos and sorrowful luls. Listen in full below