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Woman with tote.

This weekend actualizes the juried portion of Brooklyn Museum's GO, a civic action encouraging Brooklyn residents to visit the studios of local artists. Armed with an iPhone app that has one negative customer review for routinely crashing, Brooklyn dwellers will act as judges, “checking in” at studios and then nominating three artists they feel should be included in a community group show at the Brooklyn Museum this winter (quasi sponsored by Target). I first became interested in the contest when DNA Info reported that Ridgewood artists felt slighted, because while they identify as Brooklyn artists, their studios' Queens zipcode prohibited them from the stardom that could follow their inclusion in the community group show at Brooklyn Museum.

(Photo by Meredith Hoffman for DNA Info)
Registration is still open to become a GO judge, but with 1732 participating artist studios, Impose readers will surely feel overwhelmed—and soon, disinterested. In turn, I've scoured the GO database for North Brooklyn artists who had a certain Brooklyn-Museum-sais-quoi. This way, you can amorally vote tomorrow from home!
If I knew the artist or thought that I had met them at a party, I placed an “LOL” smiley face next to their name.
If I had a hotel in the suburbs of Dubai I would definitely commission a Yun-Woo Choi piece for the lobby.
I know this is cronyism because he's Greek and I'm Greek, but Petros is also working with power-feminine imagery on a tremendous scale.
I have such strong hormonally-positive responses to bear art that if I looked at this while I was pregnant I would definitely form a cub in my ute.
Amy Finkbeiner LOL 🙂
I met Amy Finkbeiner super briefly at a performance art group show at Grey Exhibition Space in Bushwick. Between the costuming, video background, and dark arts mastery, I consider her a sort of occultist Shana Moulton, and I apologize if that's redundant.
This is actually an unintentionally-backwards photograph that Benjamin Pritchard took of his studio (house) so that judges would be able to identify it, but if it was a painting (the way I originally hoped it was) he would be the everybody-put-down-your-pencils winner of GO.
I think my favorite part about this is the flooring.
Julie Tremblay seems like one of the more accomplished contestants in GO, and it can be partially attributed to the inherent difficulty that exsts when attempting to argue with hooker green chicken wire.
This probably appeals more to my sense of urban imprisonment than aesthetic sensibilities. Deep down every hard-working city girl wants to be out in a field full of ice-cold Crystal Light.