Exclusive Single The Duke Of Surl " The Walk"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The Duke Of Surl is the solo recording project of Massachusetts native Will Brown, with a new single, called “The Walk.” When Will wasn’t at work, he was in an old mill building in Passaic, NJ, abusing ¼” tape with the ‘60’s inspired grooves and the ‘70’s inspired fuzz that would become his debut LP Ham Radio.  Today, The Duke Of Surl is based out of Milan, Italy, where Will now resides.  He has shoehorned his tape machine into his bedroom closet and is currently working on 3 stand alone singles due out in late 2017 as well as his 2nd full length which will come out in 2018.  Will says “I woke up one day and decided to make some Summer baby making music.  With that, I present The Walk: a temporary departure from all the beer soaked riffs and guitar squeals that are so prevalent in much of my music in order to take a step back and smell the garlic in the air.” His new single is a seductive hit, with hypnotic riffs and catchy vocals. Check it out now!