An interview with Lunch Duchess for their new track "Ride or Die"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

I really dig the name you chose for the group, why the name Lunch


“Thanks! The story is that my lovely roommate & synth player, Nicky, had

made some delicious food for me to take to work, and I had a moment

where I felt like an utter duchess of lunch, enjoying the fruits of others’

labor. Murmuring the words, I liked the way “Lunch Duchess” felt.”


“My Mom Says I have A Rich Inner Life” is quite a unique 4 track EP,
Lot’s natural and unheard talent that we need more of today. I
understand Katharine Seggerman is the drummer and the vocalist for
Lunch Duchess, please tell us what that is like and do you wish it any
other way?


“I’ve always loved singing &  drumming, though I never thought I could do

both at the same time but it turns out that if you practice enough, it’s fine!

Sometimes I wish I played a different instrument or was solely a vocalist so

that I could dance off into the crowd while singing. Maybe I’ll save that for

another project down the line.”


If you can remember, What was the first album you ever purchased or
found yourself listening to a lot of?


“I vividly remember buying …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears at

Newbury Comics in Newton, MA.”

Who or what are some of your main influences? Do you recommend
any work?


“Growing up, my dad made a lot of mix tapes of 90s alternative rock, and

I’m just now realizing how much I internalized that! Other childhood

standouts were Neil Young, Tom Petty, and The Left Banke. In high school,

I listened to a lot of Björk as well as indie rock and hip hop of the early

aughts, and I took cues from all of that. As far as current music goes, right

now I recommend Bucket (MA), Seaberg (MN), and Hand Habits.”


How long have you and your mates known each other and where did
you all meet?


“Nicky (synths) and I met in college and moved to Minnesota together 5

years ago. We found Matthew (bass) through friends/band mates that I’d

met via Craigslist, and I knew of Sam (guitar) via their other projects and

via my friendship with their partner. The Lunch Duchess lineup has

changed a few times since I started the project in 2015, and there is

something magical about this one. Our chemistry is palpable from the



What is the first instrument you picked up and learned how to play?
How old were you?


“My parents tried to start me on piano when I was little, but I eventually

succeeded in quitting it. So I’d say drums at age 12.”


Let’s speak about your new track “Ride or Die”, It’s so smooth and
glossy, really tickles the ear with that schmaltzy piano and that hard
rock guitar. What was a huge inspiration for this track and which
artists were you listening at the time during writing?


“I wrote that song while brooding over a breakup, and thinking about how

the goal of unconditional love is neither appropriate nor desirable in any

relationship outside parent/child—and even then, there are lines that can

be crossed. I was listening to a lot of Cat Power at the time (“You Are

Free”) and I drafted it on piano before bringing it to my band mates.”


If you could give solid advice to any musician just starting out that is
struggling, what would you tell them?


“I’m not sure I’m in a position to give advice about that, but I think the most

important thing is to play exactly the kind of music you want! And to play

with people who inspire you to be better.”


Also, is there anything else you would like to add maybe about a new
album coming out or show dates, etc?


“Lunch Duchess is going on tour in a week! We’ll be heading to the east

coast and back—check out our Facebook or Bandcamp page for dates &