Marcioz "The Very, Very $hy Pearl"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Brazilian based producer Marcioz may be only twenty years old, but his sound is wise beyond his years– his latest track, “The Very, Very $hy Pearl” oozes with melancholy and a desire for answers. Featuring vocals from his frequent LA-based collaborator Slow Shudder, the track is haunting but serene. Marking the first single from his upcoming January EP, Marcioz’s work is carefully crafted, driven by the true effect of human emotion.

Regarding the track, Marcioz added, “ The Very Very $hy Pearl” for me sounds exactly like how I sound walking because I look very weird, but no one looks like and no one sounds like me, talking and music-wise. I like being shy, I like the fact that I’m shy, and I think that reflects in my music. That’s why I call it “The Very Very $hy Pearl”, because I think I’m a very rare person, and that’s why I think I like the music I make.”
Marcioz’s EP, How To Make Love $tay, is out mid-January. Keep up with him here.