Nocando, "1998"

Post Author: Andre G

We’re 20 years out from 1998, one of the best hip-hop years ever – and an era so many millennials look back upon fondly. From the infancy of the internet to popular media of the era, there’s so much to recall from ’98. Hellfyre Club representative Nocando did just that in his “1998” track, a recollection of his adolescence in the m.a.a.d city of Los Angeles.
“We never took it slow we never had the chance to/fast city fast cars, fast girls fast food,” Nocando recalls over the smooth, minimalist soundscape. He explores his upbringing fondly, moving from the Bay to LA and experiencing everything from girls at school dances to his friend Eric’s “stress weed.” The track is a refreshing trip down memory lane which will leave most listeners nostalgic for that era.“1998” is a single from King Snake, the latest album from the gifted MC and talented battle rapper. You can stream King Snake below.