PBSR "Volcano"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Straight from Yucatan Records comes to the latest indie electronic artist PBSR. He released his first track “Volcano” from the 6 track EP and dusky doors that presents a mixture of sounds that will wholly surround you with a tightening grip you won’t be able to slip out of.  Born in a small town called Murcia in Spain, Pavlo Serrano was shown music at a very early age thanks to his parents.

After studying Creative Media Production, 24-year-old Pavlo Serrano moved to London in September 2014 where he would be studying Music Technology and Composition. Today,  you will most likely find Serrano writing or mixing music at his home studio in Camberwell.
The intoxicating track “Volcano” will be sure to get stuck in your head, but don’t be afraid to let the calm electronics and soothing voice from Serrano take you away from the anxiety of everyday life. We get a sense of equanimity while we listen, we may be lying comfortably on the couch or maybe we are taking a walk to clear our head. “Volcano” will remind you to just breathe.