Premiere: Quiet Kids, “Tidal Wave”

The debut, self-titled EP from the McAllen, TX-based group Quiet Kids is a collection of sparkling, rippling textures led by synths and the occasional horn solo. Today, Impose Magazine is happy to be bringing you the exclusive premiere of the short player’s final single, “Tidal Wave.”

Like its namesake, “Tidal Wave” awashes you fully in a swirl of sound and color. With an amber-hued energy and rich sonic palette, Quiet Kids bring us another brilliant melodious piece of indie-pop.

The band’s Andy Peña details, “‘Tidal Wave’ is a song about insecurity. Throughout my life as an artist I’ve always questioned what I put out there. Nothing I wrote ever felt ‘good enough’. It’s only in the stability of my relationships that I realized I can write about whatever I feel. My art is me, and my family, and friends. ‘Tidal Wave’ came about when I was having a rough patch writing. I was over thinking everything and just worrying about the most minute things.”

Listen to Quiet Kids’ “Tidal Wave” below and look for more from the group here.