Seasonal Beast with "I Can Make You Disappear"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Seasonal Beast is made up of Yuli Beeri on Vocals, Yuval Semo playing the ivory, Johnathan Levi on Bass, Stefano B. Dan Brantigan on trumpet/ EVI and Alon Albagli on Guitars. Born is Israeli, Yuval moved to New York where he first became a keyboard player and started to become a musical genius. He has worked with a handful of artists like: Kaki King, The Mountain Goats, Sonia Kitchell, Josh Mease, The Prigs, A-Wa, Jared Saltiel and many more.

Yuval talks about the new track and says ” This song started as one thing and evolved into a completely different thing through out the process of the production. When I first wrote it on the piano, I had no idea that this is what it will end up sounding like. I went through a lot of search and experimentation with designing sounds, beats, and different concepts for the arrangement.”
Semo began to write songs before Seasonal Beast became a band. The music is a assortment of songs reflecting and representing his life experiences like overcoming depression and hardship. You can relate to what he has written in “I Can Make You Disappear”. He is doing the very best he can do to make you believe that there are demons and you will start to believe that you get closer and work to get rid of them. You can shut them out, but they will always be around. This will be their second single off the up coming album “Muscle Memory” out on October 13th.