Stalgia Releases New Single "Talk To My Skin"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Stalgia is Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie, childhood friends turned band mates. In a rare expression of dark thoughts and light desires, it’s insightful but familiar, like the sound of your own heart beating. You recognize it for what it is… a snapshot of the human condition put on paper, sung out loud and translated into chords. Constantly searching for ways to escape, singing and writing poetry became Lauren Day’s personal preference. As a shy, bullied kid growing up, Brandon Leslie also found relief through writing music and performing. A pastor’s daughter and a hardcore kid might sound like opposites on paper, but in the case of Stalgia, Lauren and Brandon are the perfect representation of unlikely childhood friends turned creative foils.  Together they compose passion filled lyrics that take you into a deeper emotion or motive. Stalgia puts out confidence in their new single, “Talk To My Skin” that will rub off on you.