Stonefield – ‘BENT’

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Australian psych-garage sisters transcend on glorious new LP

Heady Australian psych-rock band Stonefield consists of sisters Amy (drums/vocals), Hannah (guitar), Holly (keyboards) and Sarah Findlay (bass). Since forming over a decade ago, they’ve released three excellent albums of expansive, rollicking garage-psych and hard rock: 2013’s self-titled debut, 2016’s As Above, So Below and last year’s impeccable Far From Earth. And today they’ve dropped their newest album BENT, a doomier slice of tunes packed heavier grooves and decidedly more ominous vibes.

We’ve already heard the mind-melting opening track and lead single “Sleep,” a slithery noise jam that kicks off the record with jaw dropping intensity. This time around, the synths are more prevalent and the crescendos more towering. The one-two punch of “Route 29” and “66” features knotty, heady synth and keyboard sounds, contributing heavily to the album’s dreamy doom soundscapes. Coupled with gnarlier riffs and propulsive percussion, BENT goes to some winding, wandering places.

It’s the most atmospheric album yet by Stonefield, relying more on exploring cavernous sonic spaces verses anthemic choruses and catchy songwriting patterns. Here, Stonefield are ripping it up and letting loose creatively, leading to a vibe that is equal parts more carefree but also more intense than anything we’ve heard from them. BENT is distorted, suspenseful, and goes hard from start to finish. Prog and heavy metal impulses pepper the album in a myriad of hypnotic ways. The searing synths and rumbling drone riffs on cathartic album closer “Woman” bring it all home in scorching fashion. Overall, BENT is one hell of a psychedelic record, and well worth your time. Another triumph for the sisters of Stonefield! You can order it HERE via Flightless Records, and preview it below via Bandcamp.