Street Gnar, Study Wall

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Street Gnar first came to my attention when they played Big Snow in Brooklyn a couple months back. I didn't get a chance to go to the show but the name intrigued me because it's kind of catchphrase-y, so I looked into the music. Every other band on that show was Canadien, but Street Gnar was a kid who had recently moved to Brooklyn, and he had a Night People tape that you could download for free on Bandcamp, and I listened to that a few times.

But now we have Study Wall, which is excellent. It's also on Bandcamp. Case Mahan, who is Street Gnar (I wonder if he has help on stage, I should have gone to that show!), recorded it by himself and it is just one heartbreaking, sneery, delightful pop song after another. There are combed-over waves of psychedelic fuzz, but underneath is a nasality that is almost Brit-pop, which is something I normally hate, but here it works. He's learning from White Fence, but it's not raw rock and roll like Tim Presley. I can't decide which song is my favorite, but right now I'm stuck on “Stuck” and it's follower, “Let it Grow”.

Here's the full stream. Shell out the five bucks to play it on your phone. I think you'll be walkng around with this one.