Talullah Ruff Releases EP "What Is Honest" Exclusive Premiere

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Out of New York city, the fascinating singer-songwriter Talullah Ruff releases her debut EP “What Is Honest.” The collection of songs was recorded in various places like Ruffs apartment, her good friend’s dorm room, a studio at Clive Davis Institute and Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen. Mastered by the Grammy nominated Tom Waltz.
Talullah talks about her new EP “I wanted to put out a small body of work that encompassed the range of styles, emotions, and experiences throughout the last six years of my life when I’ve felt the most articulate as a songwriter. I painted the album art to manifest stigmas of beauty, sexuality, being a girl/woman, mental health. Despite the immense changes I’ve gone through in six years, the strongest emotions in each song are still prevalent to me, and I think an important part of songwriting can be creating a body of work that transcends time in some way.” Ruff also hopes that her EP will connect with people by laying her truths bare.
After listening to “What Is Honest” her words became sharp and clear, she is so brutally honest and isn’t afraid to admit what is going through her head. Talullah pushes through the pain and suffering, the songs sound as if we were sitting in an alternative rock opera musical. You can hear the soul and anxiety in her music, but as they play, she gets stronger and moves on with her life. Check out “What Is Honest” Now!
Photo by: Lissy Elle