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Another week, another 350 million tweets, give or take.

In a week that saw some serious volume focused on the Shamanigans of Teeth Mountain, Jonathan Coward and cohorts, as they traipsed from Judge Judge to a well-orchestrated Death by Audio brawl, Chatroulette rose like so many simultaneous erections towards global recognition, and Newsweek's hiring criteria was questioned by all.

Without further adieu, the tweets of the week.

Apparently Chatroulette does have a downside.

Is this what music journalism is coming to?

Greg Fox later regretted spilling his anger to us about the Teeth Mountain / Shams throw-down. Then again, he had an Israeli guitar maestro to cheer him up.

Remember when you used to dress like animals? That was awesome. (You need to be in your 30s or a huge SNL fan to get that reference.)

Maybe if your house is a 19th century colonial and you like to sip a 40-year vintage on the davenport. If that all sounds foreign to you, you probably don't listen to their music anyway.

Best baby name idea ever.

In case you didn't hear, this internet thing is just a fad. It will all move back to print any day now.

And Pakistan will be reading it?

But it's two aging comic actor hosting.

We've all been there.

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