Typhoon, "Darker"

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The Oregon based indie rock group Typhoon will have their fourth studio album  “The Musical and lyrical excursion into surreal imagery, eerie soundscapes, and an emotionally shocking narrative” called “Offerings” released on January 12th. The album focuses on a fictional man who is losing his memory and his sense of self. Singer/songwriter Kyle Morton searches for the answers to his own evocative questions,

“What does a person become if they don’t
know where they came from? What i
s the essential quality of the person if you strip away all


Mortons storytelling is one of a kind indeed as he can make you feel a certain way one minute then completely different the next, it’s beautiful. Not only is it a bizarre record, but its absorbing and factual. Morton adds, “I kind of wanted to make a dystopian record. If it’s nothing else, it’s that. If I could write my own one-line review, I’d think I’d want people to say, ‘It’s disturbing and unfortunately correct”.

Listen to the air suspending track “Darker” and embark on the chaotic and dark rollercoaster ride that would be wholly considered a musical drama as if it were presented in the theatre. There is this certainty that it will leave its lasting impression upon you for quite some time.