VAARWELL – “False Promises”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Lisbon indie-pop trio unleash vintage gem

Vaarwell is the pseudonym for Lisbon-based Indie Pop trio, formed by Margarida Falcão, Ricardo Nagy and Luís Monteiro.

Their first EP “Love and Forgiveness” put the trio on the map internationally, with support from Stereogum. The following LP went on to support from BBC Radio 1 and 6Music, as well as online support from the likes of Louder than War, Clash and Crack in the RoadAside from their other varied and extensive side projects, the trio have also since performed at SXSW, As well as radio support around the world.

Now the band have returned with their latest indie-electro gem ‘False Promises’. It’s an upbeat, vintage inspired beauty, on the new track they state

“‘False Promises’ is an upbeat plea for one’s loved one to stay, even when the feelings are no longer mutual. The song goes back and forth, from denial to the acceptance of the inevitable end of the relationship. Wanting, on one hand, to hold on to past hopes and promises, whilst knowing that things change and that some promises are hard to keep.