Week in Pop: Certain Futures, Glitter Veils, Lawn Care

Sjimon Gompers

The rise of Australian duo Glitter Veils, from left, Luke Zahnleiter & Michael Whitney; photographed by Savvy Creative.

Lawn Care

Lawn care from left, John Paul Zigterman, Harrison Thurman, Cameron LeViere, Matt Very & Ryan Ruff; photographed by Jackson Boytim.

We received word from friends of friends of friends that Pittsburgh’s Lawn Care is readying their debut album for A-F Records titled Replacement Therapy available July 21 and we have the honor & privilege of presenting the world premiere of the devastatingly glorious “Regret Accountant”. Recorded by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings which was co-built by the band that put in floors, drywall in what was a former textile factory/railroad depot to make some of the most sincere sounds & statements. In a world of pretension & fickle obsessions with irony; Lawn Care manicures their yard with a feeling of realness with an all inclusive vibe that gets everyone involved. The quintet of Cameron, Harrison, John Paul, Matt & Ryan gets everyone involved in what eventually becomes a chorus of harmonizing voices, horns & a whole bunch of abundant energy.

“Regret Accountant” opens gradually with the cricket chirp of calm that flutters in with rhythms, chords, woodwinds & a chorus of vocals that buttresses a song of resentment that is tallied up like numbers in a ledger. The narrative of a CPA that takes into consideration the result of mistakes & misgivings that happen throughout human existence as Lawn Care attempts to shake off the anxiety & pressures of unnecessary expectations by embracing the art & beauty of indecision. The song progressively gets more & more frenetic in a manic projection of an inner monologue that is expressed in an outro alliteration of get out of my head that seeks a sort of acceptance & autonomy of the self—imperfections, inequities & all. The vertigo of nervous feelings that rush upward from the stomach & straight to the head are reflected in a type of hyper-awareness that helps make feeling incomplete feel a little more whole again. The song is an ode to the maladjusted over-thinking/over-complicating minds of beauty. Read our interview with the band featured after the following debut for “Regret Accountant”.

Tell us about the making of the fun & creative album Replacement Therapy and what may have inspired it.

We recorded our album Replacement Therapy at Very Tight Recordings just outside of Pittsburgh, run by our friend and producer Matt Very. Matt converted an old railroad depot / textile factory into his studio, and we helped him build it, hanging drywall and installing flooring. Matt liked our songs enough that after he recorded the band, he joined as our saxophone player!

How do you all go about making such dazzling arrangements?

As for the arrangement, we always knew we wanted to have trumpets on the album, and we wanted our friends to sing on the album. This album is very much about the relationships (and spaces) we’ve built in Pittsburgh.

Catching up with Pittsburgh’s own Lawn Care; press photo courtesy of the band.

What’s good in Pittsburgh right now?

Pittsburgh has so much amazing music right now! It seems like every week we discover a new band or artists that inspires us. The indie rock scene in Pittsburgh is all about growing and healing, and trying to support each other.

Growing up has always felt a lot like getting put into a rock tumbler to us: however well—or ill-equipped you may be for them, you’ll get put into a lot of weird situations with weird people and will be expected to kind of just figure it out. There’s no ripcord, no pause button; you kind of just jostle around and change imperceptibly and come out on the other side with your experiences having shaped you. It can be confusing and fun and uncomfortable all at the same time, and “Replacement Therapy” is a collection of little stories about the growing pains that go along with that process.

Parting insights of advice?

As for parting words of advice—you can get used to anything, and you can get sick of anything. If you keep that in mind, you can use it to your advantage. Be nice, try hard!

Lawn Care’s album Replacement Therapy will be available July 21 from A-F Records.

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