Week in Pop: Micah E. Wood, Palace Doctor, WAJU

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


Taking it to the next level with WAJU; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Introducing Stockholm by NYC artist WAJU who has been blending emotively charged productions & song crafts that push the conventions of rhythms, blues & hip hop toward new international echelons. Presenting the world premiere of the Timo Helgert animated visual interpretation of the single “4 Me” ft. Kyle the Hooligan via the imprint Lowly Palace. Having previously worked with the Atlanta artist Kyle on the cut “Liquor with No Juice” along with Teflon Sega, WAJU hones in on a particular set of sounds, sentiments & full on atmospheric arrangements that exude the shine of the moment & the correlative/connective emotions involved. Bringing our small world a little closer together, WAJU works with an array of styles that cater & compliment the crafts of artistry spanning from the ATL to disparate corners of the world, as heard in collaboration with Australia’s own NYNE on the track “FADED”.
“4 Me” begins with musings over the epistolary exchanges between distant hearts that seek to connect their geographical/personal distances. WAJU sets the determined piano & synth tones for Kyle the Hooligan’s reflective verses that are further punctuated by the imperative urgency illustrated via the percussive arrangements that outline the arguments, ups & downs of relationship storyline cycles. Unanswered texts of mixed signals & the sort sets out Kyle’s animated avatar out the great expanses of the wilderness to seek out his better half. Reflections of temptations & all the things that get in the way of even the best of bonds are exhibited from representations of the artist falling of a cliff into a sea of other potential significant others that are not the individual our protagonist is promised to. Conquering the clutches of life’s demons & diversions that distract from those precious few that truly matter to the heart; WAJU scores the sound of fervent devotion that spurns Kyle to be reunited with his love seen speeding in the animated video via horseback until they are once again reunited by the glow of a full moon, as those aforementioned letters of love & commitment are seen blowing about in the evening breeze. Join us immediately following the video debut for “4 Me” as we caught up with WAJU in a candid interview:

Catching up with WAJU; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Describe the process of seeing “4 Me” adapted for animated visuals.
I teamed up with Timo Helgert and his team to create the animation of “4 Me” and the process was anything less then amazing. When I wrote this story for the video, the first thing I thought to do was make this an animation video to create interesting contrast that make the experience interesting.
Describe your own collaborative approach to working with Kyle the Hooligan.
Kyle the Hooligan is one of the easiest and efficient artist for me to work with. His style of writing is perfect for my style of production. He can carry a dope melody, write, rap, and knock out three songs a night. We worked together a little while producing some ideas for GODD CompleXx, but it was until Teflon Sega suggested Kyle the Hooligan and I work more closely in order to come up with some dope ideas.

In the process of production with WAJU; press photo.

What inspirations of temptation & commitments informed the new single “4 Me”?
Originally when I was working on “4 Me” I was writing a song in memory of my mother and then I called Kyle over to the studio to sing the record. Long story short, the vibe didn’t turn out right so Kyle went through a bunch of melodies and vibes as I was construction and arranging the record and we came up with “4 Me”.
I feel like as creatures of habit and habitual behaviors we tend to fall short to temptations in life, could be positive temptation or negative ones. I cant speak for Kyle but in my case life feels like its suppose to be spent discovering new people and new experiences—but thats not always easy. Theres no particular experience that inspired “4 Me”, just life.

Progressive producer—WAJU; press photo courtesy of the artist.

How have your own cultural heritages & various east coast environments impacted your own creative approach to production?
As a Nigerian American man, from Philly, raised in NJ now living in New York and Sweden im influenced by a lot! And when you listen to my production now and in the future you can hear influences from all places. Im not going to pretend to be super different or act like I have an advantage because I travel a lot but their are certain rhythms and vibes that are just in me.

WAJU surveys his city; press photo courtesy of the artist.

How have you found New York specifically has informed your own stylistic approaches?
I don’t think New York has inspired my style of music, its more of a creative place that helps me get in the right head space in order to create music I like.
Other artists that are moving & inspiring you right now?
I’m inspired by artist like NYNE, Teflon Sega, and KyleTheHooligan.

Styling in coastal sands with WAJU; press photo.

Future recordings & collabos that are in the works now?
Right now I am working on NYNE EP, my own EP, and more records with Teflon Sega.
Hopes & prayers for our world?
The prayer that I pray everyday is for love and forgiveness. That can be applied to everything.
WAJU’s new single “4 Me” is available now via Lowly Palace.