Week in Pop: Micah E. Wood, Palace Doctor, WAJU

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


The incredible & unstoppable Boulevards, oka Jamil Rashad; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Offering up a salute to both Eddie Murphy & Rick James; Boulevards’ own Jamil Rashad presents a rendering of “Party All the Time” featured arrangements from Rollergirl & visuals courtesy of Sheeraz Balushi. Making full use of the interior & exterior of a desolate warehouse; the Raleigh rhythm & blues futurist pushes the dance ready conversation to the next level & next episode of expression.
Rashad forever takes vintage foundations of funk, rhythms, blues & classic new romantic pop & fashions it forward for today’s hyper-drive styles. Updating Eddie Murphy’s pop classic with a new sense of hedonism & improvised/interpretive dance moves; Jamil takes over the exterior & interior of a warehouse that instantly becomes an impromptu dance club. Despite the dilapidated decorum, the message that Boulevards sends forth is that everywhere & anywhere can be your ballroom dance floor—despite how done up, or done down it may be. Jamil Rashad offered us the following reflective introduction to the new Boulevards single:

Basically when I was on tour all last 2016 I would play this song at the end of my shows. Since I’m a big rick James fan, he produced and wrote the song. I knew I had to put my own sauce and flavor on the song boulevards style. Also I’m a big Eddie Murphy fan low key so it made sense for me to cover this song.