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Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


Introducing Toronto’s own MADDEE; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Toronto artist MADDEE just released the single “Lost” via Manimal that seeks moments of purpose & pause taken off an upcoming solo EP. Having made a creative name via the Canadian pop scene circuits; MADDEE makes music for reflective moments that allows the ceaseless spin of our busy days & weeks to momentarily arrive to a halt. The courses set out for without a compass ring out in the artist’s illustrations of passions that parade through restrained electro punctuated presentations that seeks out a path of their own.
MADDEE’s “Lost” sets the focus on what happens when one feels excluded from the group & seeks to acclimate to new settings, surroundings & new people. With alliterations of searching, searching; MADDEE makes the most out of the feeling of being far away from home & unsure of immediate environments, individuals & the like. Working with Birthday Boy on a beautifully arranged r&b back beat, MADDEE dabbles in a dance floor ready track that will help all who feel a little “Lost” feel a bit more at home—wherever they might be in their respective lives/world. MADDEE introduced us to the new single “Lost” with the following exclusive, reflective thoughts:

I had a lot of fun making this track, with Birthday Boy. This song to me is about wanting to feel at home with the people around you and how tough things can be when you feel like you’re being shut out. Also how, despite what people put you through there’s still a part of you that wishes the best for them.