Wooter with another Sunday ditty "Better Off"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Wooter with another Sunday ditty “Better Off” The extremely talented Rowan Brind will be revealing bits of his upcoming album with new tracks every Sunday for October. Rowan has always been a writer and picked up on the guitar very naturally, this year each album has its unique inspiration that you can hear. He will be releasing each song individually every Sunday through the end of the year.

Mastreo Brind speaks about the inspiration for the unwinding track “Better Off”

“This particular track was just a barebones demo until I finally thought I could make something out of it. With “Better Off” I wanted to explore new sounds and really go in deep on the track and add in as much subtlety as I could with the weird vocal effects and whatnot. The song is basically about learning oneself and focusing on what’s best for you.”

The track speaks to us in many different ways with independence self-reliance. A strong and powerful tune that reassures you with confidence as you move forward without direction, learning more about yourself as you grow older.