A Night of China, IL at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Post Author: Leslie Kalohi

Adult Swim presented “A Night of China, IL and Karaoke with Brad Neely” that took place at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s on Wednesday, April 1.  The night featured Neely giving an introduction prior to screening a new episode of his show, a quick Q&A, and also took part in karaoke, singing Sinead O’Connor’s rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” as one of his “China, IL” characters. Also in attendance was “China, IL” Executive Producer Daniel Weidenfeld. As for the venue itself, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is a bar that looks like the inside of a garage from the outside. You enter the bar through a refrigerator door and the full bar is revealed to be a 1970s themed house. The bar’s signature drink is alcoholic snow cones. Sign us up for two of those, please.

A weird night for a weird show beloved by weird people.  Like you.  Weirdo.