HoZac Blackout Fest 2013: Night 1

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On Thursday, May 16th, HoZac Records presented the 2013 HoZac Blackout Festival hosted at the Empty Bottle. The first night featured an opening reception for an art show featuring photos, paintings and collage work by Goons, Aaron Olson, Alexis Castaldi, Greg Shriilla, Joe Schorgl, Nick Pyle and Dave Luzeniecki. Performing that night was The Sleaze, Negative Scanner, and Mike Rep and Tommy Jay. Photos from the first night of this year's HoZac Blackout Festival are courtesy of Impose Photo Editor, Eric Phipps.

P.S. All of you need to check out Negative Scanner like right now. Someone please book them in Brooklyn already.

Check out photos from the other three nights here, here and here.

There were $4 gin drinks but we managed to <i>not</i> black out. I think we did this wrong.