Introducing Pagan Rituals

Post Author: , Carly Sioux

Pagan Rituals is a new band featuring vocalist Dave Ackerman, bassist Frank Cappuccio, guitarist Matthew Molnar and drummer Oliver Duncan. The group's members have been in various bands such as Dead Nation, Kissing is a Crime, and Splitting Headache. Photographer Carly Sioux took some portraits of Pagan Rituals that are available in the gallery above. The band will perform at The Acheron on May 18th with Altered Boys and Paranoias and on May 19th at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge with Spires, Shilpa Ray and Toons.

For more information about Pagan Rituals, please visit their Facebook page. For more from Carly, please visit her website.

Exclusive portraits of a new band called Pagan Rituals.