Noise Pop 2014 in photos

Post Author: Jenz

Noise Pop, now in its 22nd year as a festival, still succeeds in reaching out its tentacles annually to bring a multitude of genres hot and ready to San Francisco. For 2014, over two dozen venues around The City were infiltrated with new bands, hometown bands, foreign bands, and more as specialized posters and Jameson specials were ordered left and right.

Some highlights of this year's #noisepop include stellar performances by GRMLN, Broods,The Donkeys, and Dude York, the banter during EDJ and Winter Teeth's sets, the Rick Rubin sammy the Bender's cooks know how to throw down, Noise Pop's new project The NWBLK, and 2014 being the year of the drummer (seriously, every band we saw during the week had a kick ass guy or gal who knew what to do with their stix). Until 2015, wherein Noise Pop will be at the age of graduating and will be contemplating life post-college.

Rick Rubin was never so delicious.