Outside Lands San Francisco 2012, Day 2

Post Author: , Jenz

We bring you day 2 of Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park where one of the world's greatest man made greenery artifice becomes one of the world's best cluster of makeshift venues. Today we fine tuned our coverage and conquered the obstacles of timing and location that turn all good festivals into mission impossible.

Zola Jesus kicked things off on the Land's End stage creating a feel welcomed outdoor, commanding ominence with a cataclysmic finale performance of “Vessel”. By contrast, Sean Hayes kept moods and heads light next door at the Sutro Stage while the Barbary comedy tent offered schtick from David Koechner and the one and only Neil Patrick Harris interviewed by Chris Hardwick about his Nerdist puppet show.

To the delight and sort of surprise of many, Big Boi showed up and performed without incident. Geographer and Thee Oh Sees helped repped the Bay Area respectively while Explosions in the Sky brought the bright lights that ignited the night's fast moving fog vapors. Sigur Ros won over the hearts of all in attendance and then Metallica gave us all the fuel, all the fire and all the pyrotechnics we desired. Ugh.

NPH is still a bad ass.