Blue Experience EP – Shape of Broad Minds

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Recently signed to Lex Records, Shape of Broad Minds are a producer and rapper super group with members hailing from Philly and Houston. Well, when I say super, I mean it like “super-sized” not “super heroes.” The members (Dr Who Dat?, Jneiro Jarel, Panama Black, Jawwaad and Rocque Wun) are virtually unknowns, but together they share a vision that supersedes their respective localities.

The Blue Experience offers three songs and a remix, making it barely an EP and more of a maxi-single. To call these four songs an “experience” is pushing it. Still, Shape of Broad Minds spreads a jazzy, smoked out ambiance across its extended play that induces a stretched out state of relaxation. “Electric Blue” and “Love Continues” are the EP’s strongest contributions because they embody that smokey vibe, as though the Blue Note went Beat Street. “Let’s Go” plays the part of that standard banger that snaps a crowd out of its peaceful reveries.

I can only hope that Shape of Broad Minds’ next project keeps reaching into the broader intricacies of its already intriguing production, and does not instead slip into familiar territory in an effort to sustain the attention of any newfound fans.