Clas Tuuth, We Should Get Back

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

Today, Clas Tuuth releases his debut album, titled We Should Get Back. We got a hold of it to let you know our thoughts.

The album starts off perfectly, easing itself into your attention as it fades from background noise to a distinctly underwater-sounding beat. The music picks up and where there was emptiness, clear, cutting sounds blend into a harmonious beginning track. In all honesty, we haven’t heard a beginning this great since The XX’s “Intro” on their Self-Titled debut.

Meet Clas Tuuth with “I Can See Them,” the talent behind this quasi-underground lo-fi gem into the indie music scene. It’s hypnotic and soothing and makes us wonder what we’ve been missing all these years, holed up listening to indie-rockers and singer-songwriters. There’s clearly something the synthesized world has to offer, even if it’s not an in-the-flesh vocalist.

The rest of the album follows suit, somehow crossing the bridge into indie territory with a sound that is electronic. But seriously, if you ease yourself into it, perhaps with the single, “Standing Still,” you’ll have to admit it’s amazing. We’re totally smitten. Just be sure to listen to “Standing Still” first! Ease into the style with open ears (and an open mind).

We can’t imagine a better way to unwind late into the evening than by listening to this album. Check out this great sound; this genre-blending pioneer deserves more than just a listen.

We Should Get Back is out now.