Del Bel, III

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On April 7th, Ontario-based cinematic musical collective Del Bel released their latest string of songs, a five-track collection simply titled III.
We start out in the sound space of a dark corridor, with the instrumentals of “Do What The Bass Says” (ft. Clairmont The Second) making us feel like we’re about to face off with Bowser. Once the vocals cut in, the track develops a layer of island sounds, though the strings bring it right back to a mysterious video game feel throughout. And once Clairmont The Second’s expert verse comes in, you know this song is too genre-blending and incredible to classify.
But the same could be said for the entirety of III. “Crookcrank” maintains an interesting island-type sound, at a tempo that brings Lisa Conway’s soulful vocals to the forefront. “Only Breathing” slows it down, bringing more of a film noir feel with it. As the song meanders on, we visualize Conway with brimmed hat pulled down over one of her eyes, singing to a smoke-filled lounge. It’s got that specific oomph that brings it into a nostalgic space, and we’re hankering for yesteryear because of it. While her vocals become less fuzzy, she maintains the vintage sound – with almost a hint of twang in the instrumentals – that truly makes us want to own this music on vinyl.
The album wraps itself up with “If I Was A Fool”, a hazy and tranquil song. Conway’s voice is soothing as she explores an alternate universe in which she is actually a fool. The sentiment is one we identify too well with, and we’re ready to hit “play” again.
Tour Dates
April 21 – Scanner, Quebec City *w/ Saxsyndrum
April 22 – Black Squirrel Books, Ottawa *w/ Saxsyndrum
April 23 – Casa Del Popolo, Montreal *w/ Saxsyndrum
April 28 – eBar, Guelph #w/ Odd Years
April 29 – Longboat Hall, Toronto *w/ Saxsyndrum
III is out now via Missed Connection Records. Keep up with Del Bel here.