Elusive, Headspace

Post Author: Emily Chu

Recently at Impose, we had the opportunity to interview Elusive and premiere one of his tracks off of his upcoming record. In case you guys missed it, Elusive is an artist that has been in the music game for over 20 years, but he’s still evolving. We premiered the track “Eyes Elite” earlier this summer, and now, his whole album has finally been released.

We had the opportunity to check it out. The whole album is full of energy, from start to finish. The first track is called “Swing Motion.” This song sounds like Galactica meets jazz, and then transformed into electronic vibes. It’s catchy and fresh and definitely unlike anything else.

This whole album is more jazzy than his other works, and combined with electronic sounds, it creates something brand new. Another song that’s a perfect example of this is the third track on the album, called “Infinite Journey.” There’s an undertone to this track that reminds me of the crackling of a fireplace. The smooth jazz piano is beautiful. It almost feels Christmassy in a way and I can’t really put my finger one why that is, but it’s awesome. A lot of the elements in this piece seem sporadic and don’t line up, creating a funky dystopian feel. This is definitely one of my favorites on the album.

The shortest track on the album is called “Light Sleeper.” This one picks up the tempo, with clacks and clicks and claps that create an insanely catchy groove. This song is only 2 minutes and 4 seconds long, and feels frantic almost, but an organized frenzy as more elements join in and the momentum continues to build before it all drops out and starts over again.

This 16 track album comes to an end with “Safety Pin.” This feels like it was made up of a lot of common items almost, with sounds you hear in every day life from a ring of a bell as a door opens in a store, to the rustling of a plastic bag, with the electronic notes shining through in the background, tying everything together. This is a calm, but still energized piece, and it’s the perfect ending to the album.

Over all, this record is awesome. Each track is uniquely individual but together, they create a beautifully executed album, where each song compliments the next and no two sound the same. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Headspace is available now.