Future PEERS, S/T

Future PEERS are an evolutionarily rebranded musical outfit from the future. Last time we were in our hot tub, we double-checked. Their self-titled, debut album Future PEERS seems to be the bearer of good news, as it’s so extraordinarily, crazy-weird, that our newly-elected overlord couldn’t possibly allow such an ‘alt-good’ record be released to the general public.

But it’s here, kept safe, streaming below, against all odds. We briefly visited the future ourselves, and jotted down a few notes.

If you’re really itching for the good stuff, our favorite track was “Craft” for its outright intensity, in an onslaught of noise we rather enjoyed. But it isn’t the only memorable item.

“Fuck Noises” is pretty out there, too. In the middle of the song, we were caught entirely off-guard. Kudos, we already thought you were weird. Turns out, you’re engaging and awesome.

Looking for something more obscure…? Yeah, me too. “Ex – Teens” should do it for you, it may even exist further into the future. An electro ballad is pieced together here, right until the percussion takes off . . . making for a rather interesting close to the album. The build here is incredible, and makes a great case for edging out “Craft”, even.

As a whole, the album began as shaky to an un-initiated listener, but quickly grew into complete-listen-worthy use of our time, one minute into “Better Left Lost”. Future PEERS are certainly onto something, but perhaps they already knew that . . . as Future PEERS was named the #7 top album of 2016 by NOW Magazine.

For other news from the future, consult their Twitter and Facebook.