Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, 30,000 Miles

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

There is a roar to Jocelyn and Chris Arndt’s music that comes not only from the deeply soulful vocals of Jocelyn or the thunderous guitar of Chris. It emits from the swaggering groove and the hulking drums and, on their live album 30,000 Miles, it comes from the crowd that’s been caught in the band’s undeniable gravity. With an authenticity rooted in both honoring and pushing genre boundaries, the duo’s bluesy rock feels unleashed on 30,000 Miles as it soars and stomps along.
Recorded throughout the Arndt siblings’ 2016 tour at stops across America from NYC to LA, 30,000 Miles showcases the band’s ability to make the familiar fresh with their take on the Tracy Chapman classic “Give Me One Reason”. As the songs roll on, the band’s ability to make the fresh sound familiar also becomes apparent as they settle into the pockets of new grooves all their own with the rough elegance of a veteran road act. Without a doubt, 30,000 Miles serves as testimony to the power and passion of Jocelyn and Chris Arndt’s music and its ability to resonate on live audiences across the country.
30,000 Miles is available now. You can follow Jocelyn and Chris Arndt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and on their website at