Malaikat Dan Singa – Arrington de Dionyso

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Welcome to the soundtrack to the reincarnated body of William Burroughs
tripping balls in Tangier.

While you are here, let me also welcome you
to an album you may not really “get” upon first try (Christ knows I
didn't), but after a few close listens to the latest output from the
gentleman who brought us happiness that is (was?) Old Time Relijun, I'm
convinced that this is an album I needed.

Sure, I'll concede that statement to be completely arbitrary, and maybe absolutely
unnecessary to this review, so I will take it one step further and say
that you, my dear reader, need this album. Why? Because it challenges
you to look past de Dionyso singing what he says maybe “poems of
William Blake and passages from the Zohar” in a tongue that you might
not understand if you haven't spent much time in Jakarta, and once you can get past that, you realize this is a pretty brilliant, and extremely layered album.

At some points sounding something like a lo-fi take on Reggaeton with lyrics being chanted by a mad maharishi, and at others the middle earth between Sublime Frequencies globetrotting and
James Chance no-wave freak out. It's Sunn O))) drone raga via
saxophone that you may be able to shake a tail feather to, and it is
bound to scare your neighbors if you turn it up loud enough.