My Empty Phantom, Collection of Memories

Post Author: Michael Brummett

As a full-length debut album, Collection Of Memories is a strikingly emotional ride. My Empty Phantom is the performing name of Jesse Beaman, an ambitious, Nicaraguan-American who finds unexpected ways to connect with the raw, human spirit.

Visceral backdrops, painted in such a way, that by itself could be ignored, but together, through the worst ear buds one could find, at the least known recording studio, to the most cynical audience, would stand center-stage.

Collection Of Memories is subtle in so much as Jesse Beaman does not force one’s hand in the matter of appreciating his impactful creation. The touch that goes into ethereal progressions, seeming light, even agile, evidences a talent of understatement.

My Empty Phantom pulls off a timeless thrill, in clearly pouring one’s heart out, as a one-man-orchestra, without trying too hard. Collection Of Memories is an accomplishment. We noticed the subtitle indicates this is vol. 1 of 2. We’re in need of that second part, Jesse.

If you’re in a crunch, these 4 particular tracks stuck ever-so-well with us:

  • “Forever” [4:30] #1
  • “Joy Years” [2:39] #6
  • “Creating the Sea with Tears” [4:21] #7
  • “Reflection” [5:16] #9

We don’t tend to give numerical album ratings—but we’re happy to make an exception. Collection Of Memories from My Empty Phantom is a well-grounded 9.0/10.0, that pulls the heart and humanity of a cynic closer, gently winning their support.