Pamela Hute, Today

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Parisian rock artist Pamela Hute – joined by her band comprised of Barbara Wolf and Eva Tribolles on bass and backing vocals, Pierre Duval on more guitars and backing vocals, and Ernest Lo on Drums – released a four track, self-produced EP in September on her own label, My Dear Recordings. That’s right. The woman is all types of triple threat, and we’re highly impressed. The EP – Today – is something of note, of course, so check out the stream here.

Beginning with the upbeat “All I Say”, Pamela’s light as a feather vocals hit in a staccato pattern above fun instrumentals. The song serves to beg the question, “You’ve got my heart, please use it right?” atop quirky anecdotes in the first person. “Banshees” – the second release from Today – rolls out as more of an epic song, with the emphasis on percussion and big, crashing cymbals. We can see it as the backdrop in a movie, where the leaves are changing color and falling behind our protagonist riding their bike to see the object of their affection.

“Gunshot” begins less like a gunshot and more like a slow slicing, if we’re speaking in terms of violent, wound-inducing objects. The track is eery in its disposition, emphasized even more by lyrics like “In the papers, you never saw his face.” Pamela goes in an entirely different direction with the final track, “I Know”, which sets in with a catchy beat and slow, steady lyrics. The song is a definite head bopper, and it makes a delicate – but lasting – impression.

Today is available now.