Psychiatric Metaphors EP

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s heavy psych/punk four piece Psychiatric Metaphors – comprised of Samuel Taylor, Mike Bongi, Pat Brenner, and Mike Nugent – is about to release their 6 track Psychiatric Metaphors EP. We got a first listen, and here’s what we think.

“Black Mass” is aptly named, as it comes in with a heavy metal sound that would surely be found in one’s nightmares. It lightens up a bit with some otherworldly sound effects, making you feel like you just got abducted by an alien spaceship. The chanting vocals only enhance the feeling that you’re trapped in a strange dream/nightmare, although it’s insanely invigorating. The title of the second track, “Strange Meat”, conjures a handful of interesting pictures, but in reality it is a nod to earlier punk stylings, with reverb for days. “The Parasite” takes the dark sound effects and rolls them into a surf sounding pop/punk serenade, glistening with radio play potential.

“Say Her Name” crashes in with crash cymbals, holding on to some of that surf pop sound that “The Parasite” brought to the record. “Stoned and Alone” has a poignant title, an emotion which isn’t altogether noticeable from the start, as its tempo is upbeat and it feels more danceable than some of the previous tracks. It’s also completely instrumental, which could be a nod to being much less aware – and having no one to talk to – when you’re stoned and alone. The last song “Apeirophobia” brings in an almost teeth-chattering blend of high pitched sounds, the vocals a slight contrast as they’re presented in a calm – almost soothing – manner. The track ends as though the conveyor belt that the album plays on is ripping. An interesting end to an even more interesting album.

We implore you to check it out when it releases later this week. Until then, here’s a little taste with “Black Mass”.

8/25 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium (EP Release)

Psychiatric Metaphors is out August 26th. It is available for preorder now as a limited edition green vinyl.