Saint Adeline, Saint Adeline

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

The NYC-based folk-pop trio Saint Adeline is comprised of close-knit siblings originally from the San Francisco Bay (Yay) Area. The artsy family has a wonderfully rich backstory in the arts. Each pursued their own craft — Drew as a composer, Kasie as an actress and Chloe as a solo artist — but through music they come back together. Saint Adeline is just that, the reconnection and blending of three talented artists into one beautiful and cohesive sound.

The album breezes by with a sound that reminds us a beautiful summer day in Norcal, perfect for a ride in a convertible, with a clear blue sky and wind blowing through your hair. “Jumpstart” brings back a feeling reminiscent of Michelle Branch with some pop-country infusion, maybe like Band Perry. It’s upbeat, with pretty and clear vocals, and a whole lotta fun to listen to. Still, it was hard to peg exactly where they fell and how to describe them. “Status Quo” was a bit like a more Pop-py Wind & The Wave, with Drew’s versatile voice ranging from soft folk to almost pop-country, yet again.

…But then we heard “Darlin’” and it dawned on us that this is where they truly find their niche. Following in the footsteps of Peter Bradley Adams, Saint Adeline basks in limitless potential with their softer, more sensitive tracks. “Mother” was another one that caught our attention. It’s the slower, gentler, moodier tracks where Saint Adeline truly fall into their element and truly shine.

For now, we like that they fall somewhere in between. Each of them brings something new to the mix and we’re certain that they’ll continue to evolve in a promising direction. All of the album is a fun, catchy listen, but check out “Darlin’” and “Mother” for proof of their considerable talent (and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on that).

Keep up with the band here, and look out for their new EP soon.