Scarlet Sails, Future From The Past

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

When Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls) has a new project, you check that project out. And you sing its praises, because he’s a mastermind and wouldn’t put his name on anything he didn’t absolutely believe in. The good news is that his new musical adventure – a band called Scarlet Sails – just so happens to be alongside his wife, Russian-born singer/songwriter Olya Viglione and their friends Mark Kohut and Jesse Krakow. And they just released a twelve track stunner this week.
After running a wildly successful Kickstarter for Future From The Past, the band is ready to share their world with you. From first track “As I Am” – which begins slowly, weaving Olya’s deep vocals into a wondrous collection of strings and percussion – all the way through the final, ethereal chords of “Out Of Tune”, this album is one to keep tabs on. Whether you’re a fan of the punchy, mid-tempo flare of “Ready or Not” or the indescribably honest and dramatic lyrics in “Boy You’re Wrong”, there is a soundscape for everyone to attach to.
Fourth track “I Found a Boat” can be classified as a highly relatable and introspective anthem, during which Olya seems to battle with her own confidence. “Precious Times” and “Spell My Name” take on a quicker tempo, lending themselves to a hip-shaking, almost nostalgic funk feel. “One, Two (FEAR)” maintains a soulful vibe to it, while introducing a more cryptic message to the album. And while the compositions on “Everytime” and “Alive” belong in your new favorite action movie, “Butterfly” brings a slow, bittersweet feel back to the collection as we are drawn into the pure rock n’ roll vibes of eleventh track “Another Chance”.
Scarlet Sails manages to tie in a wealth of tracks divided by several genres to create a succinct and strangely beautiful whole. One thing is for sure: their live performance will not be one to miss. So check out the dates below, and let us know what you think of the new album!
Scarlet Sails Tour Dates:
4/28 – Pitney Pub – Galloway, NJ*
4/29 – Bowery Electric – Manhattan, NYC*
5/1 – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD*
5/2 – “1985” – Wilmington, DE*
5/3 – Roxy & Dukes – Dunellen, NJ*
5/4 – ONCE Ballroom – Somerville, MA*
5/5 – Geno’s Rock Club – Portland, ME*
5/6 – Blind Moose – Bloomfield, CT*
* – w/Radiator King
Future From The Past is available April 10th.