Schroeder, Remember Me Like Summer

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

Schroeder’s substantial charm comes from the fact that this Delaware-originated band is completely, totally and utterly perfect for the world of Pop. As in, you might just wish that every pop-newcomer was more like them. 

You get the feeling that they are absolutely not pretentious and that they might just be the perfect amount of weird. You know, in the cool, trendy way that’s more than OK to be these days. Their album artwork has bursts of color, golden moon men, and sparkles – like a cosmic Lisa Frank — in a very good way. So maybe they’re endearingly odd + mysterious + quite possibly even self-deprecating, but this is literally all in our fantasies. (Sorry, guys, if you’re not!). 

Oh yeah, and did we mention that their album goes down about as easily as… a spoonful of sugar? A fluffy maple donut? A cupcake? This Alternative/Dream Pop/Indie album feels good to listen to — you might even find yourself bouncing along. In fact, listening to the album is — gasp — fun!

After listening to the album — and especially their singles, “Sun King” and “Bring Me Down” — you’ll want to see them live. The entire album is catchy, entertaining, and super easy to listen to.They have the type of energy and sound that is invigorating but that you can easily relax or unwind to, if you’d prefer. And the lead singer’s voice is almost reminiscent of DCFC — but more poppy, upbeat and relatable. 

Sure, you can point out that they’re colorful, glittery, a little bit whimsical and maybe even spacey. We like all those things. But for the record, let us sincerely hope that Schroeder’s awesome musical contribution helps influence the direction of the genre — these guys are talented musicians and made a great album, Remember Me Like Summer. We’re dying to know more about ‘em.

Remember Me Like Summer is available now.