The Deadmen, The Deadmen

Post Author: Anna Hinton

The Deadmen is a no frills-band comprised of four members: Josh Read (guitar & vocals), Justin Jones (guitar & vocals), Justin Hoben (guitar and vocals) and John Scoops (bass). Their self-titled EP releases June 8th on Gang Switch. Void of electronic overtones and complicated side tricks, The Deadmen is an album with honest lyrics and real musicality.
The album kicks off right with “Everything.” The song begins with uplifting tones and a rhythm that carries throughout the whole song. The plea for clarity in the song provides listeners with an immediate ability to connect with the band, and that connection continues throughout the whole album.
“55 Days” has an earnestness that we can all feel. The beat is simple, lyrics are not overdone; and yet, in its simplicity, it is beautiful. The vocals carry from one bar to the next pulling the listener along with ease.
The relaxing tones of “Sunday Afternoons” quite honestly mimic the idea of rain drops on a roof with its mellow tones and effortlessness. While the sound of the song is quite relaxing, the lyrics juxtapose this ease. They describe a man who has come to terms with his fate and is embracing the life he was given. The song is beautifully disheartening.
The album The Deadmen is beautiful. It’s artfully created and the song order is perfection. It encourages you to slow down and take in the world around you; to really be introspective and relate to this band’s message of love, fate and everything in between.
You can pick up your own copy here on June 8th.