Uncle Frank, Love Lion

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Frank Benbini, Naim Cortazzi, Darryl Reid, and Luke Bryan of pop/funk/rock band Uncle Frank have just released their new 9 track album Love Lion. The lively group from the UK possesses a wide range of sound, from pop/rock to funk/hip-hop. Their diverse sounds are put on full display in Love Lion.
The title track is the perfect embodiment of what this band and album is all about. A pop/rock track, but containing heavy funk influences, the music emphasizes the bellowing vocals. It is beautifully constructed, and you can feel the emotion coming from the speakers. It rolls right into “Fountains” – which is a party track if ever there were one – and then into “Hot Secret Lover” which seems like it should be a party track, but is more of a slow, 50s influenced love track. While “Kiss and Tell” sounds to have late 80s/early 90s influence, “Ku Ku Nu” incorporates soul and funk to make you really feel the vibe.
Love Lion is a genre-blending collection, bringing you up and placing you right back down repeatedly with its varying energies and influences. (Our favorite track? “Maximum Respect”, perhaps because of its freeing sentiment. But it also comes with a host of sounds that would appease any true music fan.)

For more information about Uncle Frank, you can visit UncleFrankband.com.