Wiretree, Towards the Sky

Post Author: Kat Harding

Austin-based Wiretree, a pop group consisting of Kevin Peroni, Joshua Kaplan, Rachel Peroni, Daniel Jones, and Gregg White, have a fantastic new album, Towards the Sky, coming out April 7 on Cobaltworks. Inspired by the loss of Kevin’s father, the guitar-driven tracks contain a touch of synth and steady drums, keeping the music uplifting to pair with the often somber lyrics. With four years in between their releases, the band has solidified their sound.
Opening with “Let Me In,” the album kicks off with some serious lyrics over cheerfully strummed guitar, a juxtaposition reflecting the duality of the grieving process — we celebrate the life, but mourn the loss. With gentle, upbeat music, you might not find yourself crying to this track, but it will get you thinking. “J.F. Sebastian,” a song presumably titled for the Blade Runner character, will be the soundtrack to the summer. Poppy synth beats and shredding guitar will have the tune stuck in your head with its chorus of “all I need is a memory” echoing long after the song is over. The harmonica on track “Between the Lines” harkens to the new Americana revival, combining some of the best aspects of country, rock and roll, and singer-songwriter style tunes, and showing how versatile a band Wiretree is. They say their influences range from The Shins to Elliot Smith to Belle and Sebastian and Wiretree pulls the indie-rock sensibilities into the 2017 with sharp lyrics and sweet melodies. The album closes with “Don’t Let It Go,” an anthemic song you should definitely hold on to.

Grab a copy of the album on their Bandcamp page.